What is “D.I.D.”?

Visitors looked at different ways to express the them of 'beauty' in my artwork. 


When I exhibited my work in the past, I had trouble deciding what lighting was best. I struck upon the idea of letting people choose their own lighting. For this reason I didn't have any lights in the exhibition room.Instead I gave people a torch to take in with them. This meant they were free to discover the paintings in their own way. I give visitors one of three types of torches: strong, medium or weak.For this picture, I often recommend that people shine their torches on the moons. This creates a very realistic atmosphere (because it seems like the moons are glowing). I recommend shining the strong torch on the moon and the weak torch on its reflection. However, I usually leave the visitors to their own devices.


You may be wondering why the room is so dark. The focal point of the painting isn't always the center. The flash light forces visitors to interact with each painting. Moving the light over the painting creates an illusion of movement. They also looked a bit at some different lighting solutions that might help my exhibit my art in a more interesting light!


Maika Kobayashi

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